Ryanair today revealed that its new bag policy from 1 Nov has already improved punctuality in the first week since its introduction and has been welcomed by both customers and airports across Europe. This policy has delivered:
1.    More savings for customers as they switch to a cheaper €8 x 10kg check bag (versus a €25 x 20kg bag)
2.    Faster access through airport security as the volume of carry-on bags fall
3.    Faster boarding time and fewer flight delays
4.    Better punctuality – 88% of Ryanair flights have arrived on-time since 1st Nov, compared to 77% in the 7 days prior to the change in policy.

Under the new policy:
•    Priority Boarding customers continue to bring 2 free carry-on bags on board.
•    Non-priority customers can only bring 1 free small carry-on bag (now 40% bigger).
•    Non-priority customers who wish to bring a 2nd bigger (wheelie) bag can buy a lower cost 10kg check bag for just €8 at time of booking (currently a 20kg bag costs €25).

“We’ve received lots of positive feedback from our customers and airports across Europe that our new bag policy has reduced airport security queues and improved the boarding gate experience, with 11% better punctuality, as we eliminate free gate bags and related flight delays. Ryanair customers have already saved millions of euro as they switch from our €25 x 20kg checked bag to our new lower cost €8 x 10kg checked bag option. Up to 50% of customers continue to bring two free carry-on bags as they choose our Priority Boarding service.” – said Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs.